Horizons is awarded several “lump sum” or ‘unit price” contracts for construction as a result of:
a) Price competition based on client-provided contract documents. In addition to that Horizons performance
    and quality work made most of our client contact us to bid any new projects they may have.
b) Preconstruction and Construction services that are awarded as a result of contract negotiations.


Where acting as a General Contractor, Horizons self-performs a wide variety of structural work for framed
structures, as well as selected finishes, equipment installation and Electrical work. By self-performing
most of the critical portions of work, Horizons has major control over costs and time which will lead to deliver
a quality work in the scheduled time.
All subcontracts are held by Horizons and the cost/schedule is guaranteed, Horizons Subs are reliable and
have many years of experience delivering work as scheduled.

Horizons has experience in specialty Design-Build projects. Those types of contracts mostly related
to special structures and technology projects. Horizons takes the Criteria of the Owner and develops the
most effective project in terms of cost, time and quality.

Managing some of the largest and most complex projects? Not a problem. This type of contracts involves
all aspects of a construction project from Conceptual Design through Construction Documents, Bidding
and Construction. Horizons works hand in hand with the Owner applying its expertise in selecting and managing
the needed services.

Horizons performs Preconstruction and Construction phase services and is not contracted to self-perform facets
of the work. During the CM process, Horizons is involved with the owner, architect and consultants through
construction and until the facility is operational and occupied. Horizons diversified services offer clients complete
control over: cost, schedule, constructability, quality, start-up and warranties.

Horizons provides construction scheduling legal assistance to Owners and other Contractors. Horizons also
provides recommendations and job analysis for Claims Avoidance. Such professional services includes but not
limited to: Analysis of the As-built Schedule Vs Actual, review and/ or determine the exact critical path activities
and delays, and provide a complete analysis and entitlement at any given point of time.

Simply put, nothing we do is more important than helping to insure that our employees and team members return
home safely each night.It's simply the right thing to do. All of which means that at Horizons we've made the
quest for a zero injury work environment not just a priority, but instead one of the company's Core Values.
Our Records are clear evidence about the safe environment that we require in all our projects.

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